Introducing First Trust

In keeping with our series of exchange-traded fund (ETF) providers, this week we will take a look at First Trust. As its name implies, First Trust offers a variety of trusts and funds, including unit trusts, variable annuities, closed-end funds, mutual funds, 401(k) and, yes, ETFs.

A company managing this smorgasbord of different investment vehicles needs to possess a special insight into the simplicity and convenience of both using ETFs and providing that opportunity to investors. First Trust was not the first company to offer ETF investing, but it did enter the game fairly early. It launched its first fund in mid-2003 in the form of the First Trust Value Line 100 ETF (FVL).

In the ensuing years, First Trust slowly introduced more ETFs, though the pace has greatly accelerated in recent years. First Trust now offers more than 80 ETFs.

Read more about First Trust and its broad range of ETFs at Eagle Daily Investor.


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