Global warming is making us all rich!

“Climate change” isn’t all bad, unless you’re not a fan of gold.

Intense drought in California has reportedly sparked a “second Gold Rush,” similar to the one that drove thousands to the Golden State in 1849. CBS Los Angeles reports:

Prospectors in Southern California are heading to the hills, saying the severe drought has exposed gold that has never been touched by human hands. As water levels continue to drop more nooks and crannies are easier for these gold hunters to access.

Gold! great big bunches of gold! I’m excited about it. People who need wedding rings are excited about it. All the people who advertise on talk radio are excited about it. I wonder how Al Gore and John Kerry and other environmentalists feel about it? From their stance on the Keystone Pipeline, they seem to be of the mind that natural resources are not meant to be sourced, and serve us best when left in the ground. How about a gold museum, where we gaze down at the gold in its natural state?

Other than the prospect (get it?) of gorgeous jewelry getting less expensive, I am looking forward to all the things the original Gold Rush brought to American culture: rugged, bearded, mountain men (The Brawny Man was modeled after the miner 49-ers, right?), boomtowns, lavish hotels and wild saloons, unbridled optimism, and flannel.

But….by the time the State Department has conducted all 65,000 Environmental Impact Statements, the water will have covered the gold back up, and Road to Utopia will be another pipe dream.