Texas Democrat group caught on tape discussing violation of election laws

More fun and games from Battleground Texas, a left-wing group that has already provided material for a few choice undercover videos.  This time they’re not making fun of a paraplegic in a wheelchair – they’re openly discussing the flagrant violation of Texas election law.  In fact, the undercover cameras of James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas catch them describing these violations as a matter of routine procedure.  They claim to be stealing data from voter registration forms and saving it for use in future political efforts.


The video begins with scenes from a perfectly unobjectionable voter registration drive, but then we get organizer Jennifer Longoria cheerfully admitting, “Every time we register somebody to vote, we keep their name, address, and phone number… People that we registered today, we will be calling in like a year and saying, ‘Hey, I registered you to vote, it’s time to go.’”  She described efforts to abuse voter registration data in this manner on a massive scale.

We all know what Democrats think of the “rule of law” these days, but for the record, what the Battleground Texas organizer is describing is a serious violation of the law.  Now, it’s possible this particular organizer is just blowing smoke, although she certainly seems to know what she’s talking about – she repeats her description of the illegal activity several times, in exacting detail.  Other people who speak in the video seem to clearly understand the political value of breaking this particular law.

At the very least, an official investigation based on the new video seems warranted.  If it all turns out to be a lot of big talk, Battleground Texas can follow its standard damage-control strategy of firing everyone who talks to an undercover Project Veritas filmmaker and get back to the fair business of registering voters.