The week that was

“When you love someone all your saved up wishes start coming out.”

– Elizabeth Bowen

Hillary Clinton‘s friends this week came out and revealed that she is “a cutthroat strategist who relished revenge against her adversaries and complained in private that nobody in the White House was ???tough and mean enough.'” Just imagine what her enemies would say about her!

A new report was released this week showing just how devastating are the job losses due to Obamacare. Apparently we can’t live “with or without” it.

Wendy Davis, the “abortion Barbie,” known only for her Texas filibuster to make abortions more accessible is now only known for backtracking on her filibuster. Hey, if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. She’s still standing, just for something else entirely.

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals struck down a gun-control law. Law-abiding citizens must be allowed to carry concealed firearms in public. The “Ninth Circus” itself was as surprised that it decided to obey the Constitution as we all were.

A new bill in California proposes placing warning labels on sugary drinks that say: “Drinking beverages with added sugar(s) contributes to obesity, diabetes, and tooth decay.”A warning label will also be applied to all warning labels to warn you to read the label. Other label ideas proposed are: “Food might give you energy,” “Beef could make you strong,” and “Chocolate will probably make you happy.”

Teresa Mull is the managing editor of Human Events.