U.S. Internet Sales Double Growth of Retailers in 2013

U.S. Internet Sales Double Growth of Retailers in 2013 (CNBC)

Last year’s final retail sales figures proved to be better than expected, but nowhere near enough to gain ground on the growth in non-retailer (Internet-based) sales. According to CNBC, final figures for last year’s retail sales in the United States were $5.08 trillion (up 4.2 percent from 2012); whereas non-retailer sales ended at $450 billion (up 10.3 percent) — more than double brick-n-mortar sales. December 2013 itself provided 9.1 percent of total non-retailer sales, and stood at $39.1 billion, which was 0.5 percent higher than 2012’s 8.6 percent. As for retailers, December’s figures did show that sales in clothing, Internet sales, food and healthcare came in higher than anticipated, but were not enough to offset drops in electronics, furniture and general merchandise. So what’s an investor to conclude? Well, keep your eye on the non-retailer ball, and bet on continued growth from Internet sales, as brick-n-mortar retailers see their percentage shrink.


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