Fast Money Alert Trading Service Launches

Fast Money Alert, a new trading service of seasoned investment writer Dr. Mark Skousen, has been launched to tap into 14-30 day periods each year when certain stocks tend to surge in share price.

The new strategy is aimed at achieving ???superior returns??? from what he described as ???fast-money windows??? that encompass specific time periods each year, said Dr. Skousen, who holds a Ph.D. in economics. Dr. Skousen said he discovered this opportunity to seize upon short trading windows after several years of research.

???There???s a pattern here — stocks that move sharply ahead at certain times of the year, year after year, with 80% to 100% dependability,??? Dr. Skousen said. ???I just have made two picks and both the stocks and their related options are profitable.???

Fast Money Alert will combine this cyclical strategy with strong fundamental and technical analysis to select companies that should be highly profitable in the short run, Dr. Skousen said.

Dr. Skousen, a free-market economist, is beginning his 35th year of writing his monthly Forecasts & Strategies investment newsletter. He also has two other trading services, Skousen High-Income Alert and Hedge Fund Trader, and he contributes a weekly column here on Eagle Daily Investor.

His economic bestsellers include ???Economics on Trial??? (Irwin, 1991), ???Puzzles and Paradoxes on Economics??? (Edward Elgar, 1997), ???The Making of Modern Economics??? (M. E. Sharpe, 2001, 2009), ???The Big Three in Economics??? (M. E. Sharpe, 2007), ???EconoPower??? (Wiley, 2008) and ???Economic Logic??? (2000, 2010). In 2009, ???The Making of Modern Economics??? won the Choice Book Award for Outstanding Academic Title.

His financial bestsellers include ???The Complete Guide to Financial Privacy??? (Simon & Schuster, 1983), ???High Finance on a Low Budget??? (Bantam, 1981), co-authored with his wife Jo Ann, ???Scrooge Investing??? (Little Brown, 1995; McGraw Hill, 1999), and ???Investing in One Lesson??? (Regnery, 2007).