A real socialist is here??? and she???s getting quite a cheer

I grew up in the city of Seattle. Actually I grew up in a suburb about 20 miles south of Seattle right around the airport in a city now known as SeaTac.  Some very interesting and alarming things have happened recently in both Seattle and SeaTac that should have everyone, not just the residents of those communities, but everyone in the United States of America concerned!

The city of Seattle has just elected and now installed its first openly socialist city councilmember, a woman named Kshama Sawant.  Unlike the Democrats across the country who are trying to take us in a socialist direction, this woman is an Occupy Wall Street leader. A loud and proud anti-everything that has made America great… and in my opinion, absolutely out of her cotton-picking mind!

To be honest, I haven’t really followed Seattle politics since I left the city 10 years ago, after a stint at conservative talk radio KVI-AM.  But I was awoken this morning at about 4:30 AM by a Facebook message from an old friend – a woman in the news business, who was absolutely giddy about the swearing in of the Socialist city councilmember in Seattle.  Here are some of the things Councilwoman Sawant said in her inauguration address to Seattle City Council:

Shamefully, in this, the richest country in human history, fifty million of our people ??? one in six ??? live in poverty. Around the world, billions do not have access to clean water and basic sanitation and children die every day from malnutrition. This is the reality of international capitalism. This is the product of the gigantic casino of speculation created by the highway robbers on Wall Street. In this system the market is God, and everything is sacrificed on the altar of profit. Capitalism has failed the 99%. Despite recent talk of economic growth, it has only been a recovery for the richest 1%, while the rest of us are falling ever farther behind.

Now, I don???t know what a Councilmember in the City of Seattle is going to do about clean water and malnutrition around the world – and let???s fact check the ???poverty numbers??? – but I gotta tell you, I don???t want to sit around and watch this train wreck that???s approaching fast!

In her speech, Councilwoman Sawant also praised the City Of SeaTac. SeaTac, is the town that just enacted a $15 minimum wage.  My first job was in that same area; I was an usher at a movie theater.  I made $3.35 an hour, and was thrilled!   Yes, that was in the 80???s, a long time ago… but what has changed, to make it so that we need a $15 minimum wage?  When I was in high school I wasn’t trying to raise a family on my popcorn and movie money.  Is it possible that the 20 million illegal immigrants, many of whom are not educated or equipped to make an honest living to feed a large a family, have thrown things out of whack?  These illegals (yes, I’ll use the term) have been welcomed openly by the same leftists, who see no cause and effect whatsoever with their actions.

My father, Capt. Gary D. Humphries, was killed in Vietnam on January 26, 1969, while fighting the spread of communism.   So, let me try to understand this. My father died trying to stop the spread of communism, and now some of my former classmates and colleagues voluntarily voted to put it in the city where I grew up?

What the hell is going on?  Is there no shame? Is there no honor? Is there no knowledge of history?  The answer is of course not; these useful idiots are dancing in the streets like the Muslims extremist did on September 11, 2001.  And for those ???Lenin Lovers??? who are hootin’ and hollerin’ and enjoying the election of the socialist.   I have a question???

In a few years, will you apologize when the unemployment rate skyrockets in that community?  Will you be surprised when many of the people you say you???re protecting can’t eat at restaurants anymore, because it???s too expensive? Will you make hand-written signs to apologize to the children for burdening them with all this additional debt?  Of course not!  They’re socialists, progressives, they are Commies! They never apologize, because they never learn their lesson!

Of course this cancer isn???t just contained to Seattle. NYC???s new Mayor hasn???t seen a tax he didn???t love, a program he won???t grow or a moocher he won???t take care of. To me, Kshama Sawant sounds like what NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio turns into if you feed him after midnight.

To be honest, I love Seattle. It is a beautiful city with some of the most incredible scenery anywhere in the world.  However, I am absolutely embarrassed to have grown up in a community that has become so childish, so self-centered, and so utterly stupid!  Good luck boys and girls, you’re going to need it!