Sen. Johnson is suing Obama

Senator Ron Johnson sent this Facebook message to fellow Republicans:

The Washington political class is well aware of what we all know to be certain: that ObamaCare is an unmitigated disaster.

The Democrat Members of Congress and staffers who wrote the 1,600 page monstrosity knew it would increase premiums and restrict individual choice. But the last thing President Obama wanted was to have the very Democrat congressmen and senators who passed ObamaCare to revolt on his signature legislation.

So what did he do? Obama directed the Office of Personnel Management to create a special exemption so Members of Congress and their staff could continue to receive federal contributions to their health plans.

That’s right: President Obama issued an order to direct taxpayer funds to shield Democrat Members of Congress from the harmful effects of the very law they passed.

This is not only wrong — but I also believe it’s illegal. And, worse, it’s indicative of the continued abuse of power and flagrant disregard of the Constitution by this President.

That’s why I’ve decided to file a lawsuit against the Obama Administration.

It’s crucial we stop Obama’s rule by Presidential decree. It’s critical that the law is applied equally to the political class.

Help me put pressure on Washington liberals and the Obama Administration to stop this special treatment for politicians.

Stand with me and sign the petition to overturn this unlawful executive overreach.