2014: The Year Global Economic Stability Returned

2014: The Year Global Economic Stability Returned (CNNMoney)

The Eurasia Group released its annual list of potential risks to global economic stability today and unveiled a change from last year. As one of the world???s leading advisers to business on political and economic concerns, the Group???s list is often highly anticipated. And this year is no different, except for the fact that the biggest risk in 2014 will not be the collapse of the financial system. This year, that honor goes to geopolitical risks, according to Eurasia. The risk stems from the shifting of the balance of power from the United States to a non-centralized world, with China eventually assuming the lead. So, as an investor this year, go ahead and play the European recovery, the U.S. economic kick-start, even the Japanese resurgency, just stay away from border wars — think Chechnya — and your wealth should arrive in 2015, intact.