Starting 2014 off with a Technology Bang

Welcome to 2014! It is a new year, and that means the ledgers have been wiped clean following strong returns in the stock market last year. Even though you may have earned more than a few double-digit percentage wins like subscribers to my investment newsletter PowerTrend Profits did — more than 16 double-digit percentage winners in all of 2013, with some as high as 70% — all of that is over. Now is the time to start all over again. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been using the holidays to uncover several new investments that offer at least 25% upside for my subscribers. Even after the run up in the stock market in the last three months of 2013, including the Santa Claus rally, there are a number of promising prospects that I’ll be sharing with my subscribers to turbocharge their returns in the coming year.

I’m always using my PowerTrend way of looking at the world to uncover what opportunities lie ahead. Sometimes I chuckle to myself when the Wall Street herd catches up to what I have been sharing with subscribers to PowerTrend Profits for months… after we’ve made some hefty profits.

Let me give you an example. Earlier this week, The Wall Street Journal ran a story about how Google (GOOG) and Apple (AAPL) are looking to expand their digital footprint to include automobiles. More than several months ago, in the May 2013 issue, PowerTrend Profits subscribers learned all about what I call The Connected Car and the group of companies behind the rise of connectivity into the car, from an industrial and monitoring perspective to a digital content and connectivity one. With the smartphone market, and to a lesser extent the tablet market, relying more and more on replacement demand, device manufacturers and semiconductor companies are looking for new markets that they can tap. The Connected Car is only one of them, and all of this action is happening because of the intersection of connectivity, the cheapness of computing power and the Internet.

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