Unwrapping the Worst Christmas Present Ever

Do you remember the worst Christmas present you ever received?

Was it that cliché that is a holiday fruit cake? How about a $5 Starbucks gift card from a co-worker? Or was it a tie from your kids with an amateur rendering of jolly old Saint Nicholas that you wouldn???t ever wear, even on Christmas morning?

I am sure you can easily come up with your own list of horror-show holiday gifts. I am also sure that there is one gift that if you do receive this year, you???ll immediately elevate it to the very top of that ignominious, worst-ever list.

That gift is ObamaCare.

Now, before you accuse me of gross hyperbole, I assure you that I am not making this up. You see, in my home state of California, the state-run Affordable Care Act exchange, also known as Covered California, actually is encouraging people to ???Give the Gift of Health??? this year.

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