80% Gain in 3 Months from the World???s Most Liquid Market

80% Gain in 3 Months from the World???s Most Liquid Market (Bloomberg)

During the last three months, one category of investment has proven itself virtually immune to the political wranglings in D.C. It doesn???t give a hoot about Obamacare, the debt ceiling or even a bi-partisan budget agreement. But over the last 90 days, you???d be hard pressed to find an investment that has appreciated more than one of this category’s core products: salmon prices. Those are up 80% and look poised for even more growth in 2014. That???s caught the attention of one of the best profit fishermen on the planet, John Fredriksen. Currently he has controlling interest in the world???s largest salmon farming company: Marine Harvest ASA. And if salmon were the only game fish advancing in price, then Fredriksen would be packing profits solo. But that???s not the case — not by a long shot. In fact, the Oslo Seafood Index, which includes Marine Harvest and 14 other seafood heavyweights, such as Cermaq, Grieg and Bakkafrost P/F, has gained almost 50 percent during the last 12 months. So, if you???ve had enough of investing in companies intricately locked into the battles on Capital Hill, why not take a plunge into going after investments that have scorched the market for 80% in the last 3 months?