The truth about Uncle Omar

It’s not exactly shocking news to learn that Barack Obama has a strained relationship with “full disclosure,” but this is more than a little ridiculous, especially since it’s not clear what he gained by concealing his relationship with his illegal alien uncle Onyango “Omar” Obama some three decades ago.  The Boston Globe reports:

President Obama acknowledged on Thursday that he lived with his Kenyan uncle for a brief period in the 1980s while preparing to attend Harvard Law School, contradicting a statement more than a year ago that the White House had no record of the two ever meeting.

Their relationship came into question on Tuesday at the deportation hearing of his uncle, Onyango Obama, in Boston immigration court. His uncle had lived in the United States illegally since the 1970s and revealed in testimony for the first time that his famous nephew had stayed at his Cambridge apartment for about three weeks. At the time, Onyango Obama was here illegally and fighting deportation.

The Globe article is headlined “In Reversal, Obama Says He Lived With Uncle.”  I don’t know if “reversal” is the right word for it.  Living with Uncle Omar in the Eighties is not a policy position, it’s a statement of fact.  Yahoo News used the headline “White House reverses course.”  The phrase you’re looking for is “admits the truth,” guys.

How did our crack media – the people who fretted obsessively over ever tiny detail in the lives of Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin – finally blow the lid off this deception?

On Thursday, a White House official said the press office had not fully researched the relationship between the president and his uncle before telling the Globe that they had no record of the two meeting. This time, the press office asked the president directly, which they had not done in 2011.

“The President first met Omar Obama when he moved to Cambridge for law school,” said White House spokesman Eric Schultz. “The President did stay with him for a brief period of time until his apartment was ready. After that, they saw each other once every few months, but after law school they fell out of touch. The President has not seen him in 20 years, has not spoken with him in 10.”

Wow, it’s amazing what you learn at deportation hearings.  This isn’t the first one Uncle Omar has attended.  He had an outstanding deportation order against him when he got busted for drunk driving in 2011.  He’s on his way back to Kenya after that, right?  Nope – he won his latest deportation case, despite 50 years of illegal residency and a drunk driving arrest.  The White House says they didn’t meddle in the case, and I’m sure we can believe them, even though Onyango Obama famously bragged that he’d be able to clear everything up by making a call to his famous nephew.  If you like Uncle Omar, you can keep him, period.  Nobody is going to take him away from you.

Given how often he claims he has no idea what his gigantic super-government is up to, we can probably look forward to President Obama declaring himself as frustrated and disappointed as anyone when he learns the rogue federal agency known as “The White House” has been dishing out incorrect stories about his relationship with his uncle for years.

Yahoo News notes the amusing detail that White House staffers declared Obama never met Onyango because there was no record of the meeting in his “autobiographies.”  Translation: Barack Obama never mentioned his time rooming with his uncle to Bill Ayers.

This hardly seems like the sort of thing that would have torpedoed Obama’s candidacy if it came to light during the campaign, given that it happened a very long time ago.  Was Team Obama worried that the media, or his political opponents, would uncover more recent communications between the two, despite his insistence that they haven’t spoken in decades?  Is there some other shoe waiting to drop here?  Will the press keep taking Obama statements on faith, despite the mountain of evidence that suggests deep skepticism of everything he says is warranted?