Obama Administration only interested in convincing young liberals about healthcare

President Obama is hosting the White House Youth Summit today to brainwash I mean teach young people about Obamacare. He’s only invited those who already agree with him.

Alex Smith, Chair of the College Republicans, was rejected by the White House when she applied to attend, and was told she could watch a live stream of the event on (Think it’s any better than

“Giving young people a fair shot has been and always will be [the president’s] priority.” Such was the original pitch for the Youth Summit, as advertised by the White House. What can we say? Some youths are more equal than others.

Elliott Echols, National Youth Director at the Republican National Committee (RNC) said, “The White House has shown little regard for the Millennial generation???and a photo op disguised as a ???summit??? isn???t going to change that.

“Millennials are seeing the negative impacts of ObamaCare, especially rising costs, and the White House wants a distraction. But this isn???t a seat at the table. It???s a seat at the kids??? table. I???d love to see the White House use this time to answer some important questions from people, like ???Why are premiums doubling???? and ???Why can???t I keep my doctor???? and ???Why did you lie to us???????

Young Republican Chairman Jason Weingartner issued the following statement:

Rather than dealing with the very real and legitimate concerns young Americans have with Obamacare, President Obama has instead chosen to speak with a hand-picked group of social media supporters to rally support for his healthcare plan.  Meanwhile, real young Americans will be at home trying to log-into and, if they are lucky enough to get through, finding out that what they were promised is simply not true.

Matthew Donnellan, executive director of the College Republican National Committee, acknowledged than many applicants are rejected from the event, but pointed out, (from Breitbart): ???Once again we are simply disappointed by President Obama. Young people are set to bear the brunt of the cost of Obamacare but the President refuses to have a genuine discussion about the issue. Obama???s abusive pattern of using young people for our votes and money but then disregarding our opinion is disheartening. All young Americans deserve better.???