Crush the Market by Investing in These ‘Masters of the Universe’

Tom Wolfe popularized the phrase “Masters of the Universe” in his 1987 classic, “The Bonfire of the Vanities.” Back then, “Masters of the Universe” were Wall Street bond traders, for whom making only $500,000 by the age of 30 “had a taint of mediocre.” In the 1990s, “the Yale men, and the Harvard men, and the Stanford men” moved to hedge funds. And if Wolfe were writing his book today, the “Masters of the Universe” all would be working at private-equity firms.

After getting pummeled more than most in the market meltdown of 2008, private-equity investing is back in vogue. Thanks to a combination of low interest rates, cash-rich corporate balance sheets and growing investor appetite for risk, private-equity funds have been shooting the lights out.

Of course, as a retail investor, you can’t invest directly in a private-equity fund at the click of a mouse. You can, however, invest in the firms that run them.

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