China’s Expanding Middle Class May Propel Profits

China’s population is not just expanding but is getting wealthier and more urban than at any time in its long history. Further, the Chinese government has an explicit policy to refocus its economy towards domestic consumption, rather than infrastructure investment. This expanding middle class is explicitly targeted by Global X China Consumer ETF (CHIQ).

CHIQ is designed to reflect the performance, before fees and expenses, of an index of companies that have their main business operations in the consumer sector and are domiciled or have their main business operations in China. The non-diversified fund invests primarily through American and Global Depository Receipts.

CHIQ has gained 9.55% so far this year, after recovering from a sharp drop in July and a minor dip in October. Last year, the fund gained 8.4%. If you like income, the fund is yielding 1.05%.

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