The Internet of Things with James Nolan, EVP of R&D at InterDigital

[Note: Due to the Thanksgiving holiday week, I???m sharing with you one of my favorite PowerTalks of 2013. This PowerTalk originally was posted on Eagle Daily Investor on April 15, 2013. However, the following analysis is new.]

With the growing talk on the Internet of Things from companies like Cisco Systems (CSCO), Qualcomm (QCOM) and others, I thought it made sense to go back to my April PowerTalk conversation with James Nolan, executive vice president of R&D at mobile intellectual property and licensing company InterDigital (IDCC). Aside from helping steer InterDigital???s technology path and therefore keeping a close eye on what???s going on in the industry, as well as where it???s going, our conversation touched on not only smartphones and the Connected Home, but also the Connected Car and mobile security, mobile operating systems and more.

With mobile carriers looking to grow their mobile data revenues beyond smartphones and tablets, they are starting to target other applications. One example is the recent teaming of AT&T (T) and General Motors (GM) to turn the car into a connected hot spot. Another is a bevy of services being shown by AT&T (T) and other carriers as part of their expanded service to the home.

All told, these two markets — The Connected Home and The Connected Car — are expected to account for more than $120 billion in revenues this year alone. It is such an opportunity that I devoted my entire May issue of PowerTrend Profits to those two topics. Think about it, if carriers like AT&T and Verizon are only now starting to aggressively target these opportunities, it indicates 2013 is just the start of these new connected services.

If you missed it the first time, this insightful PowerTalk will be one you won???t want to miss again.

Listen to my best-of-2013 behind-the-scenes PowerTalk conversation now, so you are even more in the know:

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