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Slate: ‚??Terry McAuliffe begins his reign of sleaze‚?? with Levar Stoney

It didn’t take long.

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ALEXANDRIA, Va. ‚?? Left-leaning¬†¬†came down hard on Democratic Gov.-elect¬†Terry McAuliffe‚??s appointment of a¬†GreenTech¬†executive who admitted he lied to investigators about criminal activity during a¬†Wisconsin¬†election.

‚??McAuliffe has now¬†appointed¬†Levar Stoney, a GreenTech employee and McAuliffe‚??s former deputy campaign manager, to be secretary of the commonwealth,‚?Ě Slate said Wednesday in an article headlined ‚??Terry McAuliffe Begins His Reign of Sleaze.‚?Ě

The story quoted from an earlier¬†¬†story¬†about Stoney‚??s appointment to the Cabinet position.

‚??Aside from the whole¬†GreenTech ethics investigation, in 2004 Stoney was embroiled in a scandal involving Democratic operatives who¬†slashed the tires¬†of vans meant to drive Republican voters in¬†Milwaukee County¬†to the polls,‚?Ě Slate said.

Slate linked to a¬†news article¬†recounting that Stoney ‚??said he initially lied to police because he did not want to give up the names of the defendants, whom he grew close to during long days courting voters in Milwaukee.‚?Ě

‚??I wasn‚??t going to try and get my friends, my colleagues, in trouble. Nor was I going to get the¬†Democratic Party¬†in trouble as well,‚??‚?Ě Stoney was quoted as saying

‚??But as soon as FBI agents began calling him in Virginia, he decided to come clean about what happened on the morning of the election, he said,‚?Ě the story reported.

Sowande Omokunde, son of U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore, D-Wis., and three others were convicted of criminal damage to property.

Stoney, who returned to Virginia after the 2004 election, was not charged.

McAuliffe spokesman¬†Brian Coy¬†did not respond to Watchdog‚??s request for comment.

Stoney, who told the Milwaukee jury that he ‚??wanted to become a U.S. senator one day,‚?Ě could not be reached.

Kenric Ward is chief of‚??s Virginia Bureau. Contact him at

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