How ???Smart Beta??? Funds Are Trouncing the Market in 2013

[Today’s issue of The Global Guru is a summary of a keynote speech, ???Is ‘Smart Beta’ Intelligent Investing???? I gave earlier today at a Citywire ???Smart Beta??? conference outside of London. You can download a copy of the actual presentation.]

???Smart beta??? investment strategies are red hot — not in the least because they are trouncing an already sizzling U.S. stock market in 2013.

???Smart beta??? exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have attracted $45 billion in new investment during 2013. By way of comparison, ???smart beta??? ETF assets grew 43% the first nine months of 2013, versus 16% growth in total ETF assets.

So are ???smart beta??? strategies merely a passing fad?

Or are they genuinely a ???better mousetrap????

For me the answer is clear…

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