Hagan pleads the Fifth on ObamaCare

From the NRSC:

Last week more of Kay Hagan’s Democratic colleagues revealed that they knew full well that some Americans would lose health care plans that they liked, yet repeatedly made dishonest promises otherwise.

Kay Hagan, however, has repeatedly refused to acknowledge the truth that millions of Americans are losing health insurance that they like as they are forced into the ObamaCare exchanges. This is – and always has been – an intended consequence of the Affordable Care Act.

ABC11’s Jon Camp reports: “Sen Kay Hagan defends ‘Obamacare’ but won’t say when she learned not everyone would be able to keep their insurance, as promised.”

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Kay Hagan’s own spokesperson all but admitted that the Senator knew that Americans would lose their health insurance, despite repeatedly promising otherwise. Three years ago, Hagan joined her Senate Democratic colleagues in unanimously supporting the very ObamaCare rule that’s responsible for the health insurance cancellations that have caused so much consternation over the last month. Even though 473,000 North Carolinians face the possibility of losing their health insurance, Kay Hagan refuses to accept responsibility for her deciding vote in favor of ObamaCare.

Either Hagan was knowingly dishonest about people keeping their care yet repeatedly promised otherwise; or, Hagan is so incompetent that she didn’t comprehend the legislation that she championed.

“Kay Hagan and Barack Obama repeatedly promised something that they knew was blatantly false,” said NRSC Press Secretary Brook Hougesen. “Now Kay Hagan talks about ‘fixing’ ObamaCare, but how can any North Carolinianstrust anything she says after she’s repeatedly deceived them for the last four years? Voters want to know when Kay Hagan realized that some people would lose health plans that they liked because of her deciding vote for ObamaCare – pleading the fifth isn’t going to make this go away.”