Obama machine trains minions for political arguments over Thanksgiving dinner

It’s not exactly a new approach, since the Obama political machine is famous for encouraging political strife during the holidays – remember when Obama’s permanent campaign was soliciting donations by offering to send Christmas taunts to the Republican relatives of his devoted followers?  But it’s still pretty cheeky for Obama’s “Organizing for America” group – very finely separated from the White House by the thinnest of legal fictions – to encourage volunteer minions to hector their families about the wonders of ObamaCare over Thanksgiving dinner.

A new email missive to the faithful hilariously tells devoted Obama worshipers: “Ah, the week of Thanksgiving – that beautiful time of year when families gather and uncles everywhere feel the need to spout off about ObamaCare.  Chances are, folks at the dinner table probably look to you, mostly as a voice of reason, on the subject.”

Chances are, a few nephews are going to find themselves ejected from Uncle’s house after following OFA’s advice to deliver political lectures over the cranberry sauce… especially if Uncle is one of the five million people who have thus far lost their insurance due to ObamaCare.  In that case, the big question will be which part of Nephew’s anatomy passes through the front door first, and which orifice Uncle chooses to insert the gravy boat in.





And it won’t just be Uncle who finds himself looking wistfully at the electric carving knife when the trained Obama minion in his life starts expounding on the glory of the Great Healthcare Leap Forward, spewing talking points all over the green bean casserole.  The OFA letter also urges activists to target young people who think they’re invincible.  Not even the kiddie table will be safe from the Borg.

The letter offers minions a website full of tips to train them for the big Thanksgiving agitprop session, where they can “stock up on tips for talking about health care.”  Wouldn’t it be easier to simply load some Obama speeches into your smart phone, and play them while Auntie Kulak is bringing out the mashed potatoes?  Just avoid any of the speeches where Obama promises people they can keep their health care plans, and you’re all set.  Well, okay, that’s hard to do, since he repeated the Big Lie just about every time he gave a health care speech, but a little audio editing can save you from awkward moments.  You wouldn’t want to play the “old truth” by accident, and have the unbelievers in your family start asking awkward questions about how you can possibly square it with the “new truth,” or worse yet, laughing at you.

Just yesterday, President Obama was telling the audience at a Seattle fundraiser that he’s “not a particularly ideological person.”  But his organization trains people to turn holiday dinner tables into ideological battlegrounds.  God forbid Grandpa should get away with telling an ObamaCare joke, without his throat getting jumped down.

Stick together with Team Obama, kids, and you’ll have a list of dissident cancer patients you can mock for their endless whiny complaints about how they want to go on seeing their existing doctors.  You’ll have just the right snappy comeback for any mockingjay who tries to harsh your tryptophan mellow by squawking about their 300 percent premium increase and $12,000 deductible.  Remember, President Obama offered to let insurance companies break the law and lose money by keeping their old plans running until after the 2014 elections.  Can’t we all just come together and give thanks for his wise benevolence?

Update: John E. at Ace of Spades notices a rather suspicions level of pan-media coordination behind the push to turn Thanksgiving dinners into ObamaCare sermons.  Either the White House is desperate to get its flock trained as ObamaCare shills in time for Thanksgiving, and quietly enlisted its media allies in the effort, or left-wingers in the media are really, really, really nervous about what public-opinion polls are going to look like after a holiday weekend filled with grousing about the health care disaster.  Either way, the level of political insecurity, and mad desire for conformity, on display here is remarkable.

Update: Mike Bloomberg’s organization fights OFA for nanny-state control-freak headspace, by insisting that Thanksgiving dinner is the right place to pick a fight about gun control, rather than ObamaCare.  It might be tough to choke out both sets of talking points before the normal people at the dinner table choke you out, so choose carefully!