Mexican drug cartels exploit asylum system

From the Washington Times:

The House Judiciary Committee has begun looking at reports that Mexican drug cartel members are abusing the U.S. asylum system to bypass regular immigration checks and get into the country, where some are setting up smuggling operations and others engage in the same violent feuds that caused them to flee Mexico in the first place.

In one instance, a woman made a claim of asylum and three months later was apprehended at a Border Patrol checkpoint with more than $1 million in cocaine, according to a memo obtained by the committee that says criminal gangs are exploiting holes in the asylum system.

The memo, viewed by The Washington Times, also details cartel hit-squad members who won access to the U.S. after claiming they feared violence after they ???fell out of grace??? with their employers.

In another case listed in the memo, two families involved in drug trafficking came to the U.S. claiming ???credible fear??? of persecution, then began targeting each other once they were here.

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