Pelosi: "A lot of hoopdey-doo and ado" about ObamaCare

Christmas came early for the Republicans as House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi – the most repulsive figure in American politics, although Senate Majority Leader Harry “Why would I want to help kids with cancer?” Reid gives her a strong run for her money – sallied forth onto NBC’s “Meet the Press” to spin the ObamaCare disaster.

Her most bizarrely memorable line came when she tried to downplay the millions of people who have lost their insurance due to ObamaCare, suggesting they’re a bunch of whining ingrates who don’t appreciate what the glorious Democrat Party has done for them.  Their complains about to the squalling of colicky infants – just a lot of “hoopdey-doo” from people who don’t understand that it’s wonderful their old insurance plans are gone, despite Obama’s fulsome promises to the contrary, and they’ll now be able to buy inferior ObamaCare coverage packed with “benefits” they don’t want at triple the price.

And so while there’s a lot of hoopdey-doo and ado about what’s happening now – very appropriate – I’m not criticizing,” said Pelosi, apparently believing that ObamaCare’s angry victims would be mollified if she just threw that “very appropriate” qualifier in there.  “I’m saying it took a great deal for us to pass this bill.  I said as we go up to the gate and the gate is locked, we’ll unlock the gate; if we can’t do that, we’ll climb the fence; if the fence is too high, we’ll pole vault in; if we can’t do that, we’ll helicopter in, but we’ll get it done.”

Oh, you silly little guttersnipes with all your hoopdey-doo and ado!  One frabjous day, you’ll understand how all the thingamjigs in our brilliant plan are working to make your life more beamish, and then you’ll gyre and gamble in the wabe!  But in the meantime, fiddle-de-dee!  What’s amazing is that people who support ObamaCare actually thought it would be a good idea to send Nancy Pelosi onto a national talk show to defend it.  And she decided the best way to defuse the anger of betrayed voters was to belittle them with baby talk.

That wasn’t the only time Pelosi dissolved into incoherent babble during the interview, which must have been terrifying to watch, for anyone who wasn’t previously familiar with the author of the infamous “we have to pass ObamaCare to find out what’s in it” quote.  This is a major figure in American politics, still occupying a position of great power even though she isn’t Speaker of the House anymore, and she can barely choke out a coherent sentence, so addled is her mind with Democrat spin and talking points that have long passed their sell-by dates.  She’s a power-hungry politician who can’t believe the disgusting peasants are actually daring to stand up and hold her Party accountable for the lies it told to seize control over the health-care system.  Her contempt for the kulaks drips from every sentence, but she keeps catching herself and softening the blow, as she remembers how much work the Party invests in portraying itself as champions of the Middle Class.  She’s in shock right now, so she did a worse job of maintaining the pretense than usual.

The other big moment when Pelosi fell apart came when host David Gregory challenged her on the Big Lie – the false promise she and Barack Obama made to fool the American people into passing ObamaCare, which has collapsed during the past few agonizing weeks as nearly 5 million cancellation letters have gone out, and the toll keeps mounting.  Nancy Pelosi simply short-circuits when Gregory hits her with this question – there’s no other way to describe it.  She’s lying, sure, most blatantly and bizarrely when she claims that what Obama really said, during those dozens of videotaped promises, was that “the insurance companies must tell the policy holder what they are deprived of, that they are not getting pre-existing conditions…”

That’s such a weird, stammering tangent that it’s difficult to describe it as a lie, exactly.  No one on this planet thinks that when America heard the words “if you like your plan, you can keep your plan, period” they actually left Barack Obama’s lips as a guarantee that insurance companies merely had to include a slip of paper that explained how much more awesome ObamaCare plans would be, if the customer should voluntarily choose to set aside their old coverage and buy one.  Obama tries to weasel out of the Big Lie by claiming he was muttering a bunch of fine-print exclusions under his breath, or thinking about them with such intensity that we should all have been able to read his mind.  Pelosi claims he said something entirely and completely different from what he actually said.

Keep in mind that just last week, Pelosi was denying she ever repeated the Big Lie – a denial that obviously crumbles to dust in the face of videotaped evidence to the contrary (not to mention that it’s still repeated in writing on her website, because she forgot to tell her staffers to delete it.)  But back when she was trying to claim she never told the Big Lie, only four days ago, she snarled: “Did I ever tell my constituents that if they liked their plan, they could keep it?  I would have, if I’d ever met anybody who liked his or her plan.  But that’s not my experience.”

Got that?  She used to claim she never met a single person who liked their health insurance.  But she can’t very well pretend she never repeated the Big Lie when David Gregory has tape of her doing it, so that ridiculous nonsense joins the long trail of discarded Democrat fibs stretching back over the eternity of the past five weeks.

Part of Pelosi’s problem is that she’s still trying to push phony talking points the Administration has given up on, but she doesn’t want to let them go.  At one point she actually tried the oldest and most obsolete excuse pushed by ObamaCare apologists, claiming “there is nothing in the law” that requires insurance companies to drop old plans.  Really?  Then why did Barack Obama spend Thursday afternoon promising an “administrative fix” to mitigate the political damage from all those canceled policies, in a desperate (and evidently successful) effort to prevent panicked House Democrats from staging a full-blown revolt and flocking in droves to support Republican Rep. Fred Upton’s Keep Your Health Plan Act?

Apparently Pelosi thinks this dopey “nothing in the law” talking point still has some juice left in it, and she disagrees with the Administration’s decision to drop it.  That’s a sign of Pelosi’s seething contempt for the Little People.  She thinks they’re stupid enough to believe that insurance providers would gladly continue offering old policies even though new federal mandates make them enormously more expensive, and she’s gambling that her Low Information Voters don’t know about the HHS regulations that prevent most policies from surviving under the nominal “grandfather” provisions.

One bit of current Democrat spin she remembered to include is the Orwellian phrase “transition” to describe ObamaCare’s insurance cancellations.  The Democrats have been field-testing this talking point for the past couple of weeks.  DNC chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz actually tried using a little of her Party’s Big Brother mojo to rename those cancellation notices into “transition letters.”  In their defense, the 2012 election results gave them solid reasons to believe that a substantial portion of the electorate falls for silly tricks like this.

Another piece of propaganda they’re still trying to peddle is the weird claim that half a million people have signed up for ObamaCare (which, even if true, would still be well behind projections!)  But of course, it’s not true.  If you’re not a Low Information Voter, you probably recall an official enrollment number of 106,000 being released by the Administration last week… and to get it that high, they had to shamelessly pad it by including every half-completed, abandoned entry sitting in the malfunctioning exchange website’s digital shopping cart.  (Amazingly, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, is still trying to claim her agency has no idea how many people in that tiny hypothetical customer base have actually paid for their policies.)  So where’s Pelosi getting 500,000 from?  Simple: she takes the padded HHS number and throws in Medicaid enrollees.  Medicaid is not ObamaCare, but desperate Democrats are trying to count Medicaid enrollments as if they were ObamaCare sign-ups, in order to make the numbers less dismaying.

As with Obama’s “Fumble” press conference, Pelosi’s “Meet the Press” appearance wasn’t really pitched at the American people.  Her intended audience was the Democrat political class.  She’s trying to hold them together by transmitting campaign themes for them to follow.  She wants them to think that phony 500,000 enrollment number can be made to stick, at least for a news cycle or two.  Most importantly, she’s trying to reinforce Obama’s message from Thursday: We can blame all this on the insurance companies.  Don’t bolt, don’t panic, don’t let those frightening poll numbers spook you.  We’re going to shift the blame for this, just be patient.  So if you’re a real person living out in flyover country, much of what Pelosi said might sound fanciful or incoherent… but remember, she wasn’t really talking to you.

Update: I’ve seen a variety of reactions to David Gregory’s performance during this interview, ranging from criticism that he didn’t challenge her on the obviously false (and in some cases, more than a little cuckoo) things she said, to applause for running a tough interview that “destroyed” her.  Judge for yourself by watching the clip, but personally, I don’t think a “journalist” deserves much applause for performing the extremely basic duty of presenting videotaped evidence that his guest has been lying, and asking her about it.  He could have destroyed her by following up on any of the points I raised above – she did a pretty good job of destroying herself without much prodding, so just imagine what it would have looked like if Gregory called her on the new nonsense she deployed to escape responsibility for her old nonsense.  What you’re watching here is a very friendly interviewer reluctantly presenting his Democrat guest with a truth the media kept buried for as long as it possibly could.


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