"Climate change" confab not going well in Warsaw

Evidence that the “climate change” racket is falling apart has been pouring out of the conference under way in Warsaw.  The big news is that Japan is pretty much washing its hands of “greenhouse gas” mythology, in part because it’s been moving away from nuclear power following the Fukushima tsunami crisis.  The whole concept of greenhouse gas controls is generally associated with the protocols created in Kyoto, Japan, so there is great symbolic and practical significance in their decision, as described by the Associated Press:

The new target approved by the Japanese Cabinet calls for reducing emissions by 3.8 percent from their 2005 level by 2020.

The revision was necessary because the earlier goal of a 25 percent reduction from the 1990 level was unrealistic, the chief government spokesman, Yoshihide Suga, told reporters in Tokyo.

The new target represents a 3 percent increase over 1990 emissions.

Given Japan???s status as the world???s third largest economy and fifth largest source of greenhouse gas emissions, the decision to back away from the more ambitious target could be a significant setback for efforts to reach a new global climate agreement in 2015.

Japan’s target is shifting from a 25 percent reduction to a 3 percent increase over the 1990 baseline?  That’s pretty dramatic.  Responses range from “disappointment” in the European Union, to “regret” by the United Nations, to “dismay” from China.  “Climate activists” conducted themselves in accordance with the usual rituals of their primitive, nonsensical religion, by eating sushi over the simulated dead bodies of Typhoon Haiyan victims, who the cult believes were actually killed by the Angry Sky Gods of global warming.  Remember, global warming causes all bad weather, and also causes the absence of bad weather.  The Angry Sky Gods are fearsome even when you catch them in rare good humor.

It’s always amusing to watch people who claim the mantle of science revert to primitive shamanism when they spot a usefully gory headline, but the movement also has deep roots in international totalitarian socialism… and that hasn’t been selling very well in Warsaw, either.  The latest effort by “developing nations” to loot the West with environmental dogma is known as “climate equity.”  It’s essential a form of ecological reparations.  Bloomberg Businessweek reports that it didn’t have too many takers:

The U.S. and European Union blocked a proposal supported by 130 nations including Brazil and China that would use pollution levels dating back to the industrial revolution to help set limits on emissions in the future.

Australia and Canada joined in opposing discussion of the plan when it was introduced Nov. 11 at the start of two weeks of United Nations-sponsored talks Warsaw. Developing nations are still pressing for it to be included in the discussions, said Ambassador Jose Antonio Marcondes de Carvalho, the lead envoy for Brazil, which authored the plan.

???They flatly reject that possibility of at least discussing it,??? Marcondes de Carvalho said in an interview yesterday. ???Our proposal is meant to make available for countries a metric of their historical responsibility in terms of temperature rise. It would be one of the elements in the future agreement.???

This little scheme also folds into the new cult talking points about why none of their doomsday predictions have come true, and there hasn’t actually been any real “climate change” over the past 18 years and counting: it’s a much slower process than the charlatans expected, back when they were talking about North American coastlines vanishing beneath Arctic icewater before the first decade of the new millennium was done.  Now they’ve re-calibrated their theoretical models and concluded our well-deserved global warming doom will be coming in another decade or so – unless, of course, we accept a lower standard of living, submit to more government control, and give a gigantic amount of money to the Church of Global Warming immediately.  This time doomsday is coming for sure!

The proposal goes to the heart of one of the most divisive concepts in the talks — the notion of equity. Developing countries say that because industrialized nations have been emitting greenhouse gases for 200 years, they must bear the most responsibility to rein in the pollution blamed for global warming. Richer countries see a focus on the past as a tool by poorer nations to avoid making bigger efforts to curtail their own emissions.

???Temperature is a lagging indicator and does not show up until well after emissions have occurred,??? U.S. envoy Kim Carnahan told delegates on Nov. 11. ???Such an approach would provide some countries with cover to act in a manner that is much less ambitious than their current capabilities.???

Envoys aim to craft by 2015 a new treaty to fight climate change that would be legally binding for all countries from 2020. That would break down a firewall between industrialized and developing nations enshrined in the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, which set no mandatory goals for poorer countries. The aim is to keep the increase in global temperatures to 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) since industrialization.

These propagandists and hysterics cannot control global temperatures, no matter how vigorously they shake their medicine sticks and bone rattles, or shamelessly use the dead of the Philippines as political props.  But what they can control is you.  The eternal allure of climate change mythology is the removal of power from the hands of Western electorates.  You’ll never get to cast a single vote against the climate commissars.  The people you do get to vote against are very happy to claim authority from election-proof international bodies.  And while the political class of the Western world might seem to suffer by signing on to “climate equity” nonsense that deliberately disadvantages their home nations, in truth they can do very well for themselves under such regimes.  After all, greater restrictions on industry create opportunities for the political class to sell special exemptions and waivers from the restrictions, not to mention the staggering sums of money they authorize themselves to seize from the private sector and squander on politically favored “green” industries.

Whatever methods and justifications are used to reduce economic freedom, the result is a larger government with more money to spend, greater power to wield, and more special favors to dispense.  That’s a dream that will endure in Ruling Class minds even if the “global warming pause” continues for another twenty years, and they find it necessary to reschedule doomsday into the bottom half of the 21st Century.  There will always be opportunities for political profit in fiery moralistic crusades against the Industrial Revolution – the original sin of capitalism.