VW Recalls 1.68 Million Vehicles

VW Recalls 1.68 Million Vehicles (YahooFinance)

As if the slowing-down German economy wasn???t enough to depress the company???s share prices all by itself, now Volkswagen AG is recalling more than 1.68 million cars and trucks worldwide to head-off potential electrical problems. The Wolfsburg-based auto manufacturer recalled some 800,000 Tiguan SUVs and 239,000 Amorak pickdrive-system and electronic flaws. This recall comes on the heels of a similar recall of vehicles in China. But a Volkswagen official was quick to say these two recalls were not indicative of a VW-specific deficiency, ???This isn???t a VW-specific problem, it???s one of the things that happen at mass-market carmakers.??? While it may not be a VW-specific problem, it???s certainly a VW-investor-specific one.