ObamaCare and the lowest common denominator

The Colorado ads for ObamaCare shredded by Michelle Malkin today are really something to behold.  Much of the early reaction yesterday was tempered by the lingering suspicion that they were meant as a joke.  Here are the two most controversial ads, in their entirety.



It’s the expression on the young lady’s face that makes that one really magical.  In the other one, a young lady is very happy about the prospect of having sex with a cardboard cutout of actor Ryan Gosling, with her contraceptive needs covered thanks to ObamaCare.  “Hey, girl!  You’re excited about easy access to birth control and I’m excited about getting to know you,” the ad copy says.


I don’t want to read too many aspects of our civilization’s doom into a single ad campaign from Colorado, but yeah, they’re pretty much all here.  It’s a bad sign that ObamaCare’s defenders think so little of Americans, particularly young women, that they’d green-light a pitch like this.  It’s an even worse sign that it might work.  This is a very blatant appeal to the same dopey “War on Women” narrative that Democrats believe – not without supporting evidence – helped them win a lopsided share of the youth and single-female votes in 2012.

Incidentally, since both Teresa Mull and I have written similar posts about single female voters, and she was even tougher than I was, I asked for her feedback on these ads.  Her response, which she graciously permitted me to quote in full: “OMG.”

Brevity is the soul of wit, but these ads are the soul of witlessness.  I doubt even the more dissolute young hedonists of Colorado are going to fight the swarm of bugs to get into the security-challenged ObamaCare exchanges and pay a few thousand dollars more per year for an insurance policy with sky-high deductibles, just because it also covers the $20 per month of contraceptives they need.  Note the dimwitted hashtags and web addresses employed by the campaign: “gotinsurance” and “”  These people really do think you’re stupid, kids.  Stupid and barely literate.

There are other ads in the same series, which contain almost equally patronizing appeals to various other demographics.  The product for sale here is careless security.  Sign up for ObamaCare and your troubles are over!  The primary reaction this is likely to produce among web-savvy millennials who know perfectly well that the exchanges are a disaster, and people are howling in anger and fear over the loss of their preferred insurance plans, will be sarcastic humor.

There’s nothing really new about this.  “Progressives” have always viewed their subjects with this level of contempt.  The con game of using sexual license as bait, to fool young people into surrendering every other scrap of their liberty and independence, has been running for decades.  You’re supposed to give the rest of your house over to the State, as long as the bedroom is yours, and be ecstatic about the “freedom” this represents.  Conversely, you’re supposed to respond with fury to anyone who seems to threaten your sexual liberty, even in the most mild and rhetorical fashion, even when they’re the only ones fighting for the remaining inventory of your independence.  Of course, the State is now firmly entrenched in your bedroom, too.  But as long as they leave some pills and condoms on your pillow, it’s all good, right?

Young people are seduced to the Left with talk of “non-judgmentalism,” but the images above look pretty damn judgmental to me.  Ad campaigns like this are a test of self-respect.  The creator of the campaign didn’t respond very well when women objected to his insulting, sexist message on Twitter.  It would be a shame if a sizable contingent of young people lived down to the irresponsible stereotype of sex-crazed party animals who don’t care about anything except getting the most expensive “free” birth control in history.

Update: Although single young women are the subjects of these messages, it would be a mistake to assume they’re the only intended audience.  Single guys are heavily influenced by their perception of what single girls want.  Whose fantasies are most strongly tickled by the image of a young woman with a predatory expression on her face cracking open a box of “free” birth-control pills, standing directly over text that declares her “hot to trot?”  In a similar vein looking for consequence-free sex have always been major clients of the abortion culture.

And while it might seem comical to use such dry terminology for these goofball ads, a big part of this sales pitch is convenience – one less thing for both young men and women to “worry” about.  A great deal of successful marketing is based on the sale of convenience at value-added prices.