England is Two Years Ahead of Plan for Recovery

England is Two Years Ahead of Plan for Recovery (YahooFinance)

The Bank of England has gone on record forecasting that an unemployment rate of 7 percent is feasible by the end of 2014, but only if interest rates stay low. Should this opinion prove true, then England would be a full two years ahead of plan, in terms of economic restoration. A more likely scenario, however, is that the United Kingdom would see that unemployment rate by 2015 or 2016. Whichever the case, there???s a sense of optimism in England about its economy. That feeling was echoed by Bank of England Governor Mark Carney, ???For the first time in a long time, you don???t have to be an optimist to see the glass is half full.??? While that???s technically true, as an investor, you certainly need to see more than a feeling to get back into British investments.


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