ObamaCare navigators caught on tape encouraging applicants to commit fraud

When I first heard of the billion-dollar effort to hire largely unvetted “navigators” to help confused applicants navigate the maze of ObamaCare regulations – a maze packed with glittering taxpayer treasures – I wondered how long it would take James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas undercover camera teams to create a video expose.  The answer turned out to be “not long.”

Here’s another story for President Obama’s increasingly jittery friends in the media to ignore: ObamaCare navigators in Texas caught on tape, repeatedly encouraging applicants to commit fraud so they’ll get more money.  The applicants are taught to conceal income so they’ll get higher taxpayer subsidies and lower premiums.  Smokers are told to conceal their habit so they get lower premiums.  “I always lie on mine,” one navigator cheerfully says of the paperwork.

None of this should come as any surprise, since the news is filled with stories of billion-dollar fraud in just about every social program, from food stamps and “free” cell phones (two million duplicate subscriptions last year!) to the Earned Income Tax Credit.  ObamaCare is even easier to rip off, especially since the people administering it are so obviously incompetent, and the computer systems don’t work right.  The IRS recently admitted that it sent 343 phony tax refunds to a single address… in Shanghai.

And, as Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen “Whatever” Sebelius admitted in Senate testimony last week, there are no federal background checks for ObamaCare navigators, so it’s possible Obama’s billion-dollar program could give convicted felons access to your personal data.  And despite all the cash poured into the program, some of the navigators don’t seem very well-prepared for their mission of guiding applicants through the most complicated law ever passed.  Some of them don’t even know they are ObamaCare navigators.  One woman in the Project Veritas video admits she hasn’t finished her training yet – three and a half years apparently wasn’t enough time for anything to get done with respect to ObamaCare!

Project Veritas also does a little digging into the shadowy political connections of the groups that have been feasting on all those plump, juicy navigator grants, which critics have portrayed as a money-laundering operation to put taxpayer cash into the hands of left-wing activist groups.  Not to spoil one of the more grimly amusing passages from the video, but some of the people involved with the navigator program certainly seem to view themselves as partisan political operatives.

ObamaCare is already one of the most corrupt government programs ever unleashed on the American people.  From fraudsters grabbing oversized taxpayer subsidies, to partisan political operations feasting on taxpayer money and sensitive data, to Barack Obama’s devastating lies about what his program would do to existing insurance policies, to lingering questions about exactly how all that start-up money was spent… the whole thing is a gigantic scam, from top to bottom.

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