All the single ladies

Every time a major election comes around, the conversation inevitably turns to the impact of female voters. There are more women in the world than men, and they vote in greater number, too. The trend hasn???t been good for the GOP. Single women are the blame, but is it their fault?

Most recently, the single, liberal lady phenomena took its toll on the state of Virginia, where Republican Ken Cuccinelli narrowly lost the governorship to Mr. Skeeze himself, Democrat Terry McAuliffe. The Washington Post reports:

“Cuccinelli only lost female voters by nine points???.Where Cuccinelli did get swamped, however, was among non-married women where he lost by a massive 42-point(!) margin, according to preliminary exit polling.”

So the hard right GOP doesn???t have a woman problem per say, but more specifically a single woman problem. Case in point: “Cuccinelli beat McAuliffe 51-42 among women who are married.”

So why are conservative Republicans so repulsive to single women, and whose fault is it?

The idea that single women look to government to replace the men not in their lives is an old and logical one. These women might have Daddy issues, and that???s why they???re single. Or maybe the reason they???re single is because they???re looking for the wrong kind of man. Is this because he doesn???t exist in mainstream America?

Looking to Big Government as a replacement family is flawed, obviously, but if it is the reality, we are forced to work with it. What do women value in elected leaders? According to the Post:

“We want elected leaders who address the real issues of our everyday lives ??? transportation, education, equal pay for equal work, day care and housing.

“Female voters ??? of all ages, incomes and political parties ??? largely favor government that focuses on community building, helping the sick and disadvantaged and providing basic social services, according to a study done by Rutgers State University???s Center for America Women and Politics that analyzed numerous political polls.”

???in other words, a family man. But that???s not who single women are electing.

Despite claiming that female voters basically seek a leader who will do what a faithful husband and father would and should do, the author???s first point in breaking down how Republicans ???ignore the key issues that matter to women??? is ???Virginia???s uterine obsession.???

The author implies that conservatives want single females to die of cancer, don???t give a damn about their reproductive systems, and oh, have the audacity to want your unborn baby to grow, survive, and thrive: ???They???ve regulated the doorway size of clinics that provide cancer screenings, gynecological care and, yes, abortions.???

It all comes back to sexual liberation. Republican men may not want you to be sexually promiscuous, but what kind of real man does?

It’s a culture problem. Single women look to government to be their man, but what kind of men do they see in the world? Culture certainly does not criminalize the one-night stand or the random drunken hookup. They’re actually somewhat celebrated, and what our current (creepy) Uncle Sam is apparently concerned about is making sure to enable all women to be promiscuous without responsibility.

And is that what you really want, ladies? Do you want to be able to sleep with whomever you want and have zero consequences? Is being “sexually liberated??? really on your to-do list or among your life goals? Really. Really?! What are you, a dude? (Sorry, but everyone knows that ???playboy??? is a term almost of endearment, whereas the female equivalent is such a foreign concept that it???s nonexistent.)

It???s also a myth that the right makes this their agenda. Isn???t it always the left who is obsessed with ???reproductive rights,??? abortion, and birth control, making the GOP the enemy? The truth is that it???s the right who values a woman as more than a human being able to carry babies. And simultaneously respects her as an amazing creature because she can.

So what do single women want?  Basically, the Democratic Party is the rich older sleaze who promises you the world but can only deliver superficially. The Republican Party is the loving father who shows you your self worth, values your potential, and teaches the (wo)man to fish.

You can do better, ladies.

Teresa Mull is the managing editor of Human Events.