2013 Election Day round-up

Yesterday was Election Day in Virginia, Colorado, New Jersey, and New York. Here???s what happened:

In Virginia: Conservative Republican Ken Cuccinelli narrowly lost the governorship to liberal Democrat Terry McAuliffe by three points (45-48), despite McAuliffe, a Clinton darling, outspending his GOP challenger by $15 million. Cuccinelli was able to make major strides in the last week of the campaign (when he was behind by double digits in almost every poll) by appealing to voters who hate Obamacare. Robert Sarvis, the Libertarian in Name Only, garnered six percent of the vote.

In Colorado: Voters in Colorado strongly approved a hefty 25 percent state tax on recreational marijuana, but soundly rejected a ballot measure (66 percent) to raise income taxes to fund education.

In New Jersey: Republican Chris Christie, as predicted, was the big winner again in his state, defeating Democrat Barbara Buono easily (60-38 percent) for a second term as governor of the Garden State. The New York Times reports Christie???s victory a victory has ???vaulted him to the front ranks of Republican presidential contenders and made him his party???s foremost proponent of pragmatism over ideology.???

In New York: Bill De Blasio won by a landslide in New York City and became the first Democrat since 1989 to become the Big Apple???s mayor. He celebrated his victory by performing a ???smackdown??? dance on stage to pop singer Lorde???s song, ???Royals.??? De Blasio, who has already announced his intentions to raise taxes on the city???s wealthiest and usher in a new era of extreme liberalism, defeated Republican Joe Lhota 73-24 percent.

*Also of note is the fact that despite splitting election results in New Jersey and Virginia, Republicans outnumbered Democrats in total votes. A Washington Times analysis shows a clear advantage of turnout for the GOP.