White House spokesman melts down over ObamaCare application lies

Yesterday we learned, thanks to the diligent efforts of House Republican investigators, that the ObamaCare phone lines and paper applications are a huge fraud, just like the rest of the program.  President Obama and his spokespeople were blatantly lying – and they knew it – when they desperately stalled for time by telling enraged survivors of the crash to enroll via phone or mail.  That doesn’t work, because the same busted computer system is ultimately required to process the application.  It’s just a waste of the American people’s time – something this Administration holds to be utterly without value, at least when compared to their political viability.

As luck would have it, the intrepid Jonathan Karl of ABC News confronted White House Spokesman Jay Carney – who is, as Karl noted, one of the people who falsely told Americans they could enroll over the phone – with these embarrassing revelations during  Monday afternoon press conference.  Hilarity ensued.

Carney’s “defense” boils down to a modified version of the insult Obama apologists have taken to throwing at the American people, when they claim he merely “mis-spoke” when repeatedly promising that no one would be forced to give up their existing insurance policy under ObamaCare, period.  Carney claimed he said frustrated consumers could “get on the phone and call and the paperwork is filled out of them and the process is taken over from there.”

But that is not what he said.  Not at all.  Karl repeats his own words back to him during the confrontation. as well as quoting Barack Obama’s absolutely unambiguous statements about the relaxed and comfortable enrollment process awaiting those who dialed 1-800-F1u-CKYO.  No one in the Administration honestly portrayed the phone call as a largely meaningless pre-qualification time sink, to “alleviate the frustration that so many Americans were having online and to take that frustration away from them and allow a live person at a call-in center to handle their questions and their sign-ups and their enrollment for them,” as Carney now claims under extreme duress.

It would not have been difficult for Carney and Obama to honestly inform Americans that they cannot actually enroll by calling the phone number or submitting a paper application, instead presenting it as a “pre-qualification” step that could save them some time when the system is finally up and running.  (That would be a debatable promise, but it wouldn’t exactly be a “lie.”)  What they did say was a lie, just like Obama’s promises of preserving insurance plans were a lie, when he could have honestly delivered the information he had about the impending destruction of millions of policies, but assured his listeners it would all work out for the best in the end.  Of course, he never would have gotten elected or re-elected if he had been honest, so here we are.

To reiterate something about the ObamaCrash that’s been bugging me since Blow Up On the Launch Pad Day: it’s amazing how utterly callous Obama and his team are, when it’s time to break some eggs and make their omelette.  They sold themselves as hyper-sympathetic populists moved to tears by sad tales of a few uninsured individuals – a sharp contrast to Obama’s heartless opponent, Baron Mitt Vladimir Harkonnen Romney.  But now they just wave off millions of people getting screwed out of their insurance policies as acceptable collateral damage, sneering down their noses at anyone who professes to care about families who have decided to pay the individual mandate tax and make do without insurance, rather than buy one of Obama’s unaffordable junk policies.  The people getting blown out of the insurance market are dismissed as acceptable losses even when they greatly outnumber the people who are getting insurance for the first time under ObamaCare… which is, come to think of it, eerily reminiscent of the way Team Obama handles the declining American workforce, absurdly trumpeting the rare month that features job growth higher than population growth, while waving off the millions who drop out of the job market completely.

And they do not care at all about the thousands of man-hours of time wasted by Americans who have been fighting with the broken ObamaCare system.  They think nothing of wasting even more of your time, just to give you an illusory outlet for venting your frustration before it becomes politically toxic to them.  But that’s really nothing new either, is it?  Ask a liberal how he feels about the gigantic amount of time and money poured into the black hole of tax compliance every year.  There’s a huge dollar value attached to all that labor, but they don’t want to hear about it, because lost productivity and inconvenience for the private sector mean nothing to them.  All that matters is dollars spent by the government, dollars collected by the government, and man-hours of labor from government workers.