My #1 Contrarian Indicator

It has been an exceptionally strong September and October for both U.S. and global markets. The broad U.S. market has jumped 8.46% since the start of September, rising 4.27% in October alone.

That said, the performance of global markets over the past two months has been even more impressive.

And for investors in these markets, it has been a profitable ride. Not a single one of the 39 stock markets I follow on a daily basis is down since Sept. 1.

The single-best performer has been Greece, which has soared 32.29%. Spain is next with a gain of 23.22%, with India just behind, rising 23.20%. Turkey is up 17.06%.

As it happens, I am personally invested in all of these markets, with the exception of India.

So, how was I so prescient?

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