Who has on a Kathleen Sebelius costume for Halloween?

I think Kathleen Sebelius is a handsome woman. She has fine bone structure and a regal way of carrying herself. She is polished and proper-looking, but the evil queen from Disney’s 1937  Snow White was all these things, too. (Honorable mention, Maleficent.)

But remember that the devil wouldn’t gain many souls if he were unattractive. And we have every reason to believe the good-looking Sebelius is doing the devil’s work. For starters, the fact that the Health and Human Services Secretary is a Democrat should have set us off. Sebelius’ palsy-walsy relationship with Obama was another tell-tale sign, and her callous treatment of the suffering imposed by her pet Affordable Care Act on innocent Americans had the writing well on the wall. Still not convinced?

Now the master of horror himself (and comedy! he also wrote A Shot in the Dark), William Peter Blatty, author of The Exorcist, has declared in an article by the Washington Post that Sebelius and her work are “demonic.”

Blatty, an 85-year old Georgetown alumnus, “submitted to the Vatican a petition with thousands of signatures and a 120-page institutional audit that calls for the removal of Georgetown???s Catholic and Jesuit designations if it does not comply with every little rule in ‘Ex Corde Ecclesiae,’ John Paul II???s constitution for affiliated colleges.”

“The last straw” for Blatty? Georgetown’s invitation to Sebelius to be a commencement speaker in May of last year. Sebelius labels herself as “staunchly pro-choice.”

“Abortion,” the Post writes, “is the issue that really sets Blatty???s nerves on fire.”

That’s demonic,” Blatty says.

And he would know.