There's no such thing as
'biased' media

People love to talk about ???biased??? media – news delivered with an agenda for either the liberal or conservative cause. But if every reporter, writer, blogger, or network delivered the news (just the facts), they???d all be the same. So let???s call it what it is- deceptive media (also known in some circles as propaganda).

This all sounds very obvious and a little wonky and whatnot. But???that???s because you???ve been brainwashed! Seriously though. ???Biased??? sounds so innocent and a little cute. ???I think he???s the best looking boy in the room,??? said the mother, ???but then again he???s my son. So I???m biased,??? and a group of ladies emits a ripple of polite giggles.

That???s bias. Being persuaded to a certain point of view for personal reasons is understandable. But in journalism it???s unacceptable.

I remember listening to MSNBC???s Alex Wagner wax righteous during the 2012 presidential election. She would say things that were wrong. Or she would purposely omit things that were true because they disproved her ???narrative.???

And now on to Obamacare. It???s so bad that no media outlet hoping to retain any sort of credibility can swing it positively, but they can and do ignore the very worst truths about it. It???s not simple bias that sways a person to think and act a certain way because it is in his favor- it is manipulative dishonesty for the sake of power.

So maybe the headline of this writing is a little off. There is biased media. You have to lean one way or the other- either toward the truth or away from it and toward what you want to be reality.

“If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it.”