The week that was

???The Democrats are the party that says government will make you smarter, taller, richer, and remove the crabgrass on your lawn. The Republicans are the party that says government doesn’t work and then they get elected and prove it.??? ???P.J. O???Rourke

After President Obama broke the government, he decided to go for broke and introduced his Obamacare website,, which failed to launch. He addressed the nation and declared, ???We are doing everything we can possibly do to get the websites working better, faster, sooner.??? In the meantime, Americans aren???t minding the website not working at all because they never liked Obamacare in the first place. Obamacare has gone off as well as the majority had hoped???by not going off at all. Oh, and Kathleen Sebelius said, ???no one is getting fired??? over the disaster, so everyone who made Obamacare impossible to access will stick around and keep it inaccessible for years to come. Hooray!

According to Barry O., however the “best and brightest” have been ???working overtime, 24/7??? to fix the websites’ ???kinks,??? which implies that these tech experts either are not the best and brightest, or that these ???kinks??? are more than just kinks.

Senator Marco Rubio has announced his plan to step in and save the day???or at least delay. On Monday, Marco will propose legislation to delay Obamacare???s individual mandate provision at least until the websites have been up and running properly for six months. If it passes, the penalty for not enrolling will probably never be enforced, because the website is one big glitch.

Virginia???s gubernatorial election is less than two weeks away. It???s been a heated campaign trail with ultra-lib scam-artist Democrat Terry McAuliffe running against ultra-con policy-artist Republican Ken Cuccinelli. There???s also a  third guy in the mix: Libertarian Robert Sarvis. Sarvis may be principally sound, but if he wanted what is best for Virginia, why would he throw his hat in the ring and take votes away from the Republican, who has been neck and neck with McAuliffe all along? Perhaps he is running on the lesser-of-two-evils ticket?

Janet Yellen is set to become chairwoman of the Federal Reserve, but not if Republican Senator Rand Paul has his way. ???Paul is insisting on a vote on his Fed transparency bill,” which would hold up Yellen’s nomination.¬†Hillary Clinton is behind Paul???s move, as the former first lady told a heckler in New York, ???The future doesn???t include Yellin.??????

Kim Kardashian is engaged to Kanye West. Her ring, like the last one given to her in anticipation of her nuptials, is over-sized, exaggerated, uninteresting, and tasteless. It???s a style that seems to suit this celebrity well???


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