Marco's turn

Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio???s question about Obamacare is a simple one:

“How you can punish people for not buying something that is impossible to buy because of the inability of this website to function because of government incompetence????

So now Marco plans to step in and become the new face of the Republican anti-Obamacare campaign. The senator from Florida said he will introduce legislation on Monday that will delay the individual mandate under Obamacare. The Atlantic described Rubio’s plan as, ???logical, moderate, and oriented toward the practical goal of improving the lives of his constituents as they struggle with a federal enrollment system that’s proved as unready for prime-time as Republicans warned.???

???They???re worried about increased criticism of the law if they actually opened up and showed people all the ugly things that are going on in the implementation,??? Rubio told Fox News on Tuesday. (???They??? being the Obama Administration and ???the law??? being Obamacare).

???They???re not being transparent,??? Rubio said, ???which is just adding more and more doubt to this entire process. They???ve argued now that they???re going to have this tech surge, or they???re going to bring all these experts in to fix these websites. They won???t tell us who exactly they???re bringing in, and they won???t tell us how much they???re spending on it.???

Rubio said his bill will ???basically say … that the Obamacare website has to be up and functioning for six consecutive months before they can begin to enforce this individual mandate on people.”

It will be a long six months.