Coulter charms left-leaning ladies of The View

Moments ago, conservatism???s darling Ann Coulter appeared on ABC???s The View and used the radically leftist daytime show as a pulpit from which to comment on the current state of the Republican Party. Discussing her most recent book, Never Trust a Liberal Over Three – Especially a Republican, the author held her own in typical Coulter fashion, responding handily to questions posed by the liberal ladies.

Asked what her thoughts were on the GOP’s being blamed for the recent government shutdown, Coulter responded that her main gripe is with ???Republicans doing too much of a circular firing squad.??? She remarked on the division between ???establishment RINOS??? and Tea Party favorites such as Ted Cruz, and asked the disjointed GOP, ???Why not attack Democrats????

As far as 2016 presidential candidates go, Coulter said that “in terms of IQ,” ???Ted Cruz and Mike Lee are the two smartest senators.??? She acknowledged Chuck Schumer as a runner-up in the brains category, but, ???Cruz and Lee are cuter.???

GOP leaders like Cruz and Lee, Coulter said, have ???energized Republicans.???

What does Coulter think of Hillary Clinton???s chances in 2016? ???I assume she???ll run,??? she said, along with Joe Biden, Andrew Cuomo, and a handful of others, but win? ???Not necessarily.???

Concerning Chris Christie, Coulter stated, ???He is no longer my love,??? due in large part to his support of the amnesty bill, or, as Coulter called it, ???the Republican suicide bill.???

The United States, Coulter explained, should be granting citizenship to ???the best immigrants in the world,??? not just those who fall under the category of ???lives within walking distance.???

While the first chapter of Coulter???s new book (the title of which is a spin-off of the 1960s hippie expression, ???Never trust anyone over 30???) is dedicated to griping about certain Republicans who are more concerned with winning big TV contracts than winning elections, most of the book takes aim at liberals from all quarters, who ??? as Coulter points out ??? keep making the same failed arguments but never seem to admit they???re out of step with 90% of the country.

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