As Hubris Grows, So Grows an Economy

As Hubris Grows, So Grows an Economy (Bloomberg)

In what has to be a sure sign that the economy is back on track here in the United States, companies that have been undergoing stringent cost-cutting measures since 2008 are inching their way back toward the lap of luxury. For example, companies like McDonalds and Blackrock are again returning to the business-jet model of travel. According to Gulfstream Aerospace CEO Larry Flynn, they just basically went dormant during the downturn and now they???re ???coming back on,??? when he was asked to sum up the recent five-year downturn. Now that the county???s top-dollar CEOs have returned to the friendly skies, it???s only a matter of time before the rest of us join them, right? Well, yes, as long as we???ve invested in these luxury aircraft.