The week that was

???Puns are the highest form of literature.??? ???Alfred Hitchcock

The news this week has been shutdown, shutdown, shutdown. People talk more about the government when it???s not doing anything than when it???s actually up to no good. Yes, the government is still shut down. To make the absolution complete, God has released upon D.C. a veritable week-long monsoon to cleanse the city of any remnant of the government workers.

A flood of people say that Obama and the crew are doing a terrible job. Congress and the White House are both reportedly talking, but no one knows who is listening. Obama asked the GOP ???please don???t rain on my parade.??? Rather than wait for the storm to blow over, House Republicans, with their clouded judgment, have agreed to negotiate by watering-down their original plan and giving the Democrats everything they want, weather or not it is principled: lift the debt ceiling for six weeks, reopen the government, and reverse the sequester cuts. We, the people, are being pun-ished in this climate of unrest.

Now onto the winds of non-change: Obamacare still isn???t working. Not that it would work if the website that is supposed to set it up were functioning properly, but even that is a fail. How did America put a man on the moon 44 years ago and today we can???t set up a website without ???glitches???? I thought this was the future.

A group of people are all up in arms about the nickname/mascot of Washington???s football team: The Redskins. Ironically, none of these people have red skin, nor have any of them ever watched a football game, which explains why it took them ???til now to realize that one of the NFL???s teams is named in honor of America’s native people.

Teresa Mull is the managing editor of Human Events.