What the GOP can learn from Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is one disturbed young human. Her VMA performance continues to sully the minds and souls of anyone who thinks back on it or who happens to see a reminder of it flash by on Yahoo! or DailyMail or another such news outlet whose goal it is for us never to forget or escape the performer???s depraved antics.

Say what you will about Miley, (one writer went so far as to call for her deportation!) there is one thing about her that is maybe, in a strange and twisted and let???s use our imaginations here, guys, kind of way that isn???t totally awful. There???s something about her attitude that is, dare I say, admirable?

Ok, ok, don???t bite my head off. But here???s the thing: Miley is obviously doing what she???s doing, i.e., continually wearing so little clothing that when she actually got naked for her latest music video, people talked more about why she was licking a sledgehammer than about why she was in her birthday suit, for a reason: she wants fame and everything that comes with it: fortune, validation for her inflated ego, praise, recognition, adulation, and more fame.

Miley???s reasons for wanting fame aren???t out of the ordinary, but her audacious pursuit of attaining and retaining it sets her apart. She???s constantly out there in the public eye, doing outrageous things, being loud, proud, and perhaps most importantly: unapologetic. She???s behaving raunchily after everyone told her it was bad form and she???s still making headlines for it. She???s beating a dead horse and making it kick.

So what does this have to do with the Grand Old Party? Republicans don???t beat a dead horse and make it kick. They beat a dead horse once, then join the Democrats in kicking it away and out of sight (this imagery is disturbing but you get the idea). Why don???t Republicans join Miley in declaring that, ???We can???t stop! And we won???t stop!??? Not on board with the whole drugs, sex, and rock & roll thing, but how about being stubborn in saying, “No way, José” to raising the debt ceiling and funding Obamacare. If we were as relentless in attacking the liars in the White House as Miley is in her pursuit of attention, we might get somewhere.

This doesn’t mean we have to pull ridiculous stunts at the risk of losing our dignity. It just means that what we do must be done at full force and unabashedly. Remember when Ted Cruz sort of filibustered for Obamacare? People were talking. Republicans got credit for trying to prevent a law no one likes. That was a good thing! And all it took was a little determined showmanship in the name of the cause.

The GOP needs an attitude adjustment. Currently, the Republicans are perceived as saying one thing, weakening, doing another, apologizing, compromising, and then losing. The Democrats are bullies who have realized this will happen. They come in like a wrecking ball and break us down. Well guess what, it???s our (Republican) Party and we can do what we want to, without the Dems influencing us all the time.

Teresa Mull is the managing editor of Human Events.