Controlling the No Control Frustration

If you feel frustrated, perplexed and downright pissed off about the shenanigans going on in Washington, D.C., right now, then you???re not alone. The partial government shutdown, the potential fiscal damage it could have and the even more fiscally dangerous issue of the debt-ceiling are circumstances that are tough to deal with from where we sit.

During times like these, one thing to keep firmly ensconced in the forefront of your mind is that there are things you can control in your financial life — and things you can???t.

Market volatility, price trends and political winds all fall into the camp of the things you can???t control. Acrimony between political factions in Washington is likely going to continue, and even get much worse, in the years to come. That situation is likely to continue creating short-term disruptions in financial markets akin to what we???ve seen of late.

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