Real Profits in London???s Real Estate

Real Profits in London???s Real Estate (CNBC)

Okay, ???the Singaporeans are coming??? may not have the same resonance as the U.S. revolutionary battle cry, but that doesn???t mean it???s any less true for those in London, England — who seemingly are being overrun by people from the island of Singapore. According to Richard Levene, director of South East Asia properties for Colliers International, London, is ???By far the most popular foreign city for Singaporean visitors?????? And why not? It is not part of the euro zone, has low interest rates and is experiencing a boom in real estate values unlike any other place on earth. The Centre for Economic Business Research forecasts that London property values will ???leap a staggering 43.5 percent by 2018.??? With a return like that, the Singaporeans are going to have a lot of company.


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