The week that was

???Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.??? ???F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

The government shut down this week because Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid wants kids with cancer to die. The shutdown means the government stopped non-essential government workers from doing non-essential things for the government. The country, so far, is still standing, begging the age-old question, ???If the government shuts down, and the Democrats aren???t around to complain, does anyone make a sound????

Obamacare opened up its exchange program on Monday, and we all know how Mondays tend to be. It was, in a word, disaster. Obama pulled out a pep talk on his base, though, asking, ???Are you an American or an American???t?!??? It didn???t help. The bigger the government program, the harder it falls.

The Obama administration decided if they weren???t having fun, nobody would have fun, and arbitrarily closed popular public sites and monuments. A group of WWII veterans from the Greatest Generation said, ???We fought communism before, we can do it again,??? and stormed through the Obama barrier to pay tribute at the nation???s WWII memorial.

Former President George W. Bush went for a little R&R in a fashion that is also enormously popular with our current president. W. attended the 10th Presidents Cup Golf Tournament where he received a warm welcome. The crowd chanted ???43, 43!??? and ???Boy, do we miss you!??? He shook hands and kissed a baby, all without the direction of a teleprompter.

The Pittsburgh Pirates have ended the longest losing streak in the history of American professional sports, a record that has lasted 20 years and most of this native Pennsylvanian???s lifetime. George Will reacted by smiling for the first time ever.

Teresa Mull is the managing editor of Human Events.