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First impressions of Obamacare

The nation remains unimpressed.

First impressions are important, and as the first impression of an article, a headline is too. In its fledgling days as a new facet of American life, the Obamacare exchanges have gotten pretty lousy reviews, even from publications whose allegiance to the Caring One is almost unquestionable.

What first impression did the Obamacare exchange fiasco make on you? Here‚??s a review of some of this week‚??s headlines. You be the judge:

CNN: “‚??Coming storm of patients ¬≠¬≠‚?? Could Obamacare crash the system?‚??”

“‚??Doctor shortage, increased demand could crash health care system‚??”

Yahoo: “Pressure mounts to fix health insurance exchanges”

CBS News:¬†“Obamacare marketplaces raise data security concerns”

“Insurance Manager: ‚??We Have Yet To Have Someone Successfully Register On The¬†Marketplace‚??”

ABC: ‚??Man dropped from health insurance because of new regulations‚?Ě

New York Times: ‚??Millions of Poor Are Left Uncovered by Health Law‚?Ě

Politico: “Obamacare glitches affect those standing behind Obama”

Washington Post:¬†“Computer glitches prevent health-insurance enrollment for D.C. family”

FoxNews: “ObamaCare¬†opens to widespread delays, more Capitol Hill wrangling”

Christian Science Monitor:¬†“Obamacare¬†101: When will the enrollment glitches be fixed?”

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Teresa Mull was the managing editor of Human Events. Previously, Teresa was an editorial intern at the American Spectator, as well as a production intern for the Laura Ingraham Show. She is a native of Central Pennsylvania and earned her bachelor's degree in Comparative Literature from the University of Dallas. Contact her at