A petition to make Congress obey ObamaCare

It’s great to watch our beloved mega-government set up barricades around public memorials, and take other measures to ensure We the People suffer during the partial government shutdown, while cutting themselves a special deal to escape from the burden of ObamaCare.  The people cry out for relief, and are met with iron bars.  Congress and their staff look at the increased insurance costs they were so comfortable dropping on the rest of us, and cry out for a special subsidy… which was granted to them in defiance of the law.  And here they’ve been telling us how important it is to obey “the settled law of the land!”

Let’s give them an opportunity to do just that, by insisting they give up their special perks and live under the law they passed.  The editors of HUMAN EVENTS and RedState have joined forces to create a petition demanding that “Congress not exempt itself, family members, or employees from any rules, regulations, or ‘benefits’ that it imposes on the American public.”

Click here to add your signature to this petition, if you’d like to share the glory of ObamaCare with the people who laid it upon us.  They said we had to pass it to find out what was in it.  Aren’t you eager to make sure everyone on Capitol Hill shares fully in the marvelous voyage of discovery we have embarked upon?  It would be a shame if they missed out on any of the delightful Affordable Care Act surprises awaiting the rest of us.


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