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Shots fired at the Capitol

Shooter said to be in custody.

News is still developing, but there have been reports of a half-dozen shots fired outside the U.S. Capitol, causing the Senate to go into lockdown.  Capitol Police are said to have acted swiftly and taken the shooter into custody.  Initial reports said the gunfire occurred inside the Capitol, but this has since been corrected.

The Drudge Report is presently carrying a note that an officer was injured, but there are no other details as of 2:30 PM Eastern time.  The FBI is said to have arrived on scene, while the Secret Service establishes a perimeter around the White House.

Update: An update from Yahoo News suggests the police were involved in a car chase with a criminal perpetrator, cornering the suspect at the Capitol and leading to an exchange of gunfire.  (Or maybe someone fired shots, then jumped into a getaway car and sped off.  Always tough to get reliable details in the early moments of a breaking story.)

Update: A photo of the “shelter in place” instructions currently displayed inside the Capitol:


The scene outside the Capitol:


Update: I’ve seen reports that the injured Capitol Police officer was hit by a car, not struck by gunfire.

Update: ABC News says in a Twitter bulletin that “someone tried to ram the gate at the White House, then fled to Capitol Hill.  Shots were fired, but unclear by whom.”  NBC News is backing up that account.

Update: ABC News adds that a female suspect has been reported dead at the scene.  The shelter-in-place order at the Capitol was lifted shortly before 3:00 PM Eastern time.  A small child, 3 years old or younger, was reportedly removed from the suspect’s vehicle.

Update: Photo of a Capitol Police car severely damaged during the incident:



Update: ABC News photo believed to show the young child removed from the suspect’s car.  The child is reportedly unharmed.  A CNN report says that all the shots fired during the incident came from law enforcement personnel.



Update: Video of the police chase that ended at the Capitol:

Update: The authorities have held off on definitively identifying the driver of the car, but media reports seem to unanimously agree she was 34-year-old dental hygienist Miriam Carey of Connecticut, said to have been suffering from post-partum depression following the birth of the child who was in the car with her.  During interviews with Fox News, her boss and her lawyer (who represented her in a minor dispute with her condominium complex) were stunned that she could have gone on Thursday’s vehicular rampage, both testifying that she was cheerful and responsible.

Update: A somewhat different take on Carey comes from CBS News, which reports she was “fired from her dental hygienist job in April 2012 after getting into a fight with her bosses about using a handicapped parking space they felt she didn’t need to use.”

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