Harry Reid: Why would we save children with cancer when federal employees are hurting?

The World War II memorial showdown was one of those moments when even the Left’s most enthusiastic spin-meisters and dedicated followers stop cold, with a mass of ice forming in the pit of their stomachs, and realize one of their icons has really screwed up, beyond their ability to conceal the truth.  On the same day Barack Obama lost his ill-advised battle against World War II vets, we got another of those moments – and a reminder of why the media normally goes to great lengths to conceal the existence of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV).

Reid is an ugly piece of work, a hyper-partisan hatchet man who has quietly murdered countless bills that would have given America’s rear tires some purchase against the Obama quicksand we’ve been caught in.  He’s got a limitless dispensation from the press to hit below the belt, as when he retailed a phony story about Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney evading his taxes for a decade, told to Reid by an imaginary friend.  Any Republican who tried such a stunt against a Democrat candidate, especially Barack Obama, would have been torn to shreds; his nearly immediate resignation under withering scrutiny would have been one of the big stories of the 2012 campaign.  But Reid gets a pass.  He always gets a pass.

Not today.  Today Reid shot his mouth off in front of cameras, and all of America recoiled in horror.  This is the Democrats’ disgraceful Shutdown Theater reduced to its essentials, the battle cry of our over-indulged ruling class given full throat, as they wage war against America to retain their power and privileges.  Harry Reid and his party are going to make you suffer, citizens, until you submit to their demands, and halt the unspeakable outrage of a shutdown that has put so many highly-compensated non-essential government employees on the sidelines.

CNN’s Dana Bash asked Reid about the Republican strategy of funding the government piecemeal (i.e. the way things really ought to work, all of the time, especially if Democrats are going to defy federal law for years on end and refuse to pass a budget.)  One of these Republican bills will fund the National Institutes of Health, which among other things conducts clinical trials for cancer treatments.  Bash wanted to know how Democrats could be opposed to such a bill, especially since they’ve been making a lot of noise about the potential danger to cancer-stricken children.  She also folded in the rhetoric we heard from Democrats during the recent gun-control debate, when it was boldly asserted that any action which could save just one child’s life is worth taking.

Reid dumped his usual boilerplate about the unspeakable outrage of Republicans picking and choosing which parts of government to fund.  “But if you can help one child with cancer, why wouldn’t you do it?” Bash pressed.

Why would we want to do that?” snarled Reid.  “I have 1,100 people at Nellis Air Force Base that are sitting home.  They have a few problems of their own.”

Reid followed up with a little dash of condescension and misogyny by sneering at Bash, “To have someone of your intelligence to suggest such a thing maybe means you’re irresponsible and reckless.”  Unlike, say, a Senate Majority Leader who defies federal budget laws for over four years, while six trillion dollars gets piled onto the national debt.

Why must you kids pester Harry Reid with your cancer?  Don’t you know he’s got federal employees to worry about?  Why do you always have to make everything about you?

This is the same twisted mindset that brought us Obama’s thicket of barricades around parks and memorials – including at least one park that doesn’t get any federal funding at all.  It’s all about making the shutdown hurt as much as possible, as quickly as possible… because big spenders like Reid and Barack Obama are terrified that people are going to start asking whether the shutdown is really so bad, if we really need that army of “non-essential” employees, and if a nation swimming in debt might not be better off working from zero and carefully funding only the most urgent priorities.

No one in the Democrat Party is behaving as if they think the politics of the shutdown are going to swing in their favor over time… not if they agree to reasonable measures that would keep important services running and ease the pain on the American people.  You can have your parks and cancer treatments back if you fork over the dough.  The White House even issued an outright ransom demand for the World War II memorial… and it came from a spokesman named “Schultz.”  Hopefully a vet named Hogan will issue a response.


Update: A Shutdown Theater encore, as President Obama actually instructs Wall Street to get nervous, presumably because he finds the resilience of the stock market after the first two days of the shutdown embarrassing.  I can remember a time when Democrats angrily accused Obama critics of trying to talk the economy into a tailspin.  Well, here’s your man explicitly doing that, liberals.  Enjoy.