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Getting ready for
Cruz control

The filibuster has begun!

Itâ??s hard to believe that Ted Cruz is just a freshman senator. Not a red-shirt freshman, either. He isnâ??t saving his years of eligibility to make an impact inside the political arena later on. Heâ??s hit the Senate floor running and made a name for himself that now regularly appears alongside those of Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, and â??2016 presidential candidate.â?ť

Now Cruz is leading the GOP charge to defund Obamacare. He took to the Senate floor minutes ago and declared, â??I rise today in opposition to Obamacare,” and said he would speak, “until I am no longer able to stand.” (Warm-up to 2016: Who has stronger legs and will power? Rand or Ted?)

Hereâ??s the gist of Cruzâ??s goal and how heâ??s hoping to accomplish it:

-The Republican-led House passed a bill last week that would fund the government past Sept. 30 and strip Obamacare of its funding.

-Cruz supports the House bill, but doesnâ??t trust Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to keep in the language about defunding Obamacare, so Cruz is calling on fellow Republicans to block the bill.

– Other GOP leaders are not on board with Cruzâ??s scheme, and say they won’t block the bill because it defunds Obamacare and doesnâ??t increase spending.

The Senate will take a test vote on the House bill tomorrow. They say if worst comes to worst, the government will shut down by Oct. 1, but it turns out that may be actually be the best.

Cruz appeared on Hannityâ??s show last night and explained his reasoning:

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