ETF Talk: Taking a Shine to Taiwan

Taiwan???s population is less than 2% of the People???s Republic of China. But despite the shadow of its huge neighbor, Taiwan is an export-oriented, developed economy with a bright growth outlook. If you are interested in tapping that opportunity, consider buying the iShares MSCI Taiwan (EWT).

This non-diversified fund attempts to correspond to the price and yield performance, before fees and expenses, of an index primarily consisting of stocks traded on the Taiwanese Stock Exchange.

EWT has gained 1.7% so far this year, after rising 15.5% last year. For income-oriented investors, the fund also offers a current yield of 1.99%. There could be many sunny days ahead economically for a country that exports high-end computer chips, liquid-crystal display (LCD) screens and other consumer electronics. Electronics, especially mobile technologies, continue to see growth in both developed and developing countries.

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