Remembering a victim of
September 11th

As September 11 approaches, it is important to remember the people responsible for the tragedy. This remembrance not only keeps us vigilant in the face of real, existing evil, but also reminds us to celebrate the decency and goodness that exists in America.

Andrea Haberman was one of those people. She was never brought up to hate. Andrea loved life and she loved people. Hers is a life to remember.

Andrea was brought up in the rural American Midwest, a place many of us think of as storybook, ordinary America.  Andrea???s first job was working for her parents in their restaurant. She went to a Catholic college where she majored in psychology and where she met her fiancé.

After graduation, Andrea took a job with Carr Futures. At first, her work was difficult, but she toughed it out and earned promotions along the way. Andrea got engaged to her college sweetheart in the summer of 2001 after, unbeknownst to her, her fiancé asked permission of not only her parents, but of her little sister and grandparents. They all gave an enthusiastic yes.

Everything was planned. Andrea and her fiancé bought a house in Chicago. Though her wedding was not until September 2002, almost everything was in place a year before.  Andrea???s wedding dress was bought, the bridal party was set, and the invitations were ready to go. There was no greater time to be alive.

Andrea was asked to go to a business meeting in New York at the World Trade Center. She didn???t want to go to New York.

In middle school, Andrea had written a paper about the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center and how much she felt for the victims of that attack. Her teacher remembers the paper to this day. Yet, Andrea said yes to taking a trip to the place she had written of years before. Being the type of person she was, Andrea went to cover for a co-worker who was not able to go.

Andrea was set to go to New York on Monday September 10, 2001. Her baggage was checked in Chicago, and though nervous about the trip, she pushed forward.

Some things started happening- her first flight was cancelled. She stayed. Her second flight was cancelled. She stayed again. Her third flight would not get her into New York until late. She elected to go because her bags had already gone on to New York.

Andrea took the third flight and arrived in New York late on the night of September 10. She stayed one block away from the World Trade Center.

Andrea’s meeting was to commence at 9 AM on Tuesday, September 11. The first plane hijacked plane struck the North Tower of the World Trade Center at 8:46 a.m. Andrea was there at 8 am and was one floor too high.

The world must never forget Andrea, and we must never forget the motivations and group who were responsible.





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